Book Design Project: Eternal Quest for Immortality – Finished!

I’m very pleased to announce that John Evans’ book The Eternal Quest for Immortality is published and available on and Amazon UK. This project reminded me how much I enjoy designing books. There was an exciting learning curve, as I had never used Lightning Source before. Their system looked somewhat daunting at first until […] Read more »

Creative Frenzy

Writing I’ve finished the rewrites of Chapters 3 through 5. I feel like I’ve gotten a better sense of who my antagonist is. The mind mapping technique is really helping me out not only for character development, but to get a visual of what should happen by the end of each act. With this technique, […] Read more »

Book Design Project: The Eternal Quest for Immortality

This week got off to a great start when I received an email from John Evans of Syntagma Media. He had approached me a couple of years ago about designing his book, Cosmosity. That project never got off the ground for reasons you can read about here, but he started writing another book, entitled The […] Read more »

Black Friday in the Blogosphere forces Change

I’m sure you’ve heard all about Google’s attack on the blogosphere. If not, read Andy Beard’s Slapped by Google to get up to speed because this effects everyone who owns a blog. As a result of Google’s latest algorithm change, anyone who uses companies like Text Link Ads to monetize their blogs got slammed. Anyone […] Read more »