Mac Word Games for Writer: Text Twist 2

I found this game about seven years ago and became addicted to it as it challenged me to unscramble as many words as I could before time ran out. Since then, I’ve been buried with writing projects and set the game aside. I found the update last weekend and decided to test it out. Text […] Read more »

Mac Word Games for Writers: Word Slinger

Word Slinger is a Mac word game that is very similar to Scrabble. Place the words from the list onto the board until you achieve the required number that allows you to advance to the next level. Game Play There are two levels of game play: Strategy Mode and Speed Mode. The Strategy Mode is […] Read more »

Mac Word Games for Writers: Super WHATword?

I love word games because they sharpen my mind. That, and they help me get rid of the mental traffic jam that happens when I am working too long on a writing project. I’ve found three Mac word games that I’ve tested over the weekend and decide to review them. This article is the first […] Read more »