Designing with Frugal

After months of tinkering with the Thesis framework, I decided that I wasn’t happy with it. Not that Thesis is a poor framework. Far from it. The problem is, I just haven’t mastered the fine art of coding and decided that I don’t really want to. I’d rather write actual words and create eye-catching designs […] Read more »

Things to Consider Before Buying Thesis

After all my research on Thesis, I finally found one post that doesn’t glow with kudos. Raju of Technically Personal feels that Thesis is way over-hyped for what it is. He contends that you can find free themes that may suit your intended purposes equal to or better. Three weeks after my purchase, I have […] Read more »

Midway Review of Thesis for WordPress, Part One

Once I got over the frustration of creating the header and footer, I began to poke around some more with the site. I also checked out the multitude of tutorials scattered around the Internet. Pages One of the tutorials showed me how to change the order of my pages with a simple drag-and-drop. That was […] Read more »

A Preliminary Review of the Thesis Theme for WordPress

Thesis for WordPress isn’t a theme, so much as a theme framework. Sure, you can use the stock vanilla theme that comes with the package. But most people buy Thesis with the idea of customizing it to suit their own style. That was the reason why I invested in the program. My Experience Installing the […] Read more »

Creating WordPress Themes with Artisteer

I played around with the trial version of Artisteer on my husband’s laptop last Friday and liked what I was able to do. Once I finished the preliminary design, I exported it into the WordPress format and uploaded it to see what it looked like. Other than the watermark going down both sidebars, the design […] Read more »