ZOHO: Cloud Computing for Writers

I heard about cloud computing a few years ago, but the title sounded so stupid and airy-fairy that I never looked into it. After writing a couple of articles on the subject for a client, I regretted my earlier attitude. A lot of time could have been save in emailing documents back and forth to clients and to myself whenever I needed to write a document away from my computer.

What exactly is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is technology that allows you to work on any documents from any machine with an Internet connection. You can edit your documents online or off, collect your research and put it into a private or public wiki. You can also share music, movies, YouTube vids, and more with friends and family.

Why this writer is embracing cloud computing

In writing this article, I checked out several cloud computing services and found ZOHO to be the best ones for my needs as a freelance and creative writer. So far, I’m really enjoying the word processor and the wiki feature. I can finally keep everything in one place instead of several folders on my computer.

As for my freelance work, I see a huge potential to collaborate in real-time with my clients. No more relying on gmail and time differences to edit books and write articles. I can do this in real time and save the file directly to the client’s cloud folder so that she can pull it off her computer without having to go online, in many cases. The risk of lost emails is gone, thanks to cloud computing.

Another reason for my embracing this technology is that I will not have to go through the hassle of sending myself the document if I need to write at another location besides my office. If I want to leave my house and work to work on a project, say at the library, I can take my laptop and know that my document is there, waiting for me to work on it.


You can download ZOHO and use the free version (like I’m doing), which has features that I have yet to explore. Or, you can opt for a subscription to get more features.

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